Andrea Zöbinger


Tel.: +43-3172-44111-20
Fax: +43-3172-44111-11 / +43-810-9554-039611  


Main Responsibilities  

assistant to the director
supervision of staff and project partners
office management  



until 1995: HAK Weiz.
1995-1998: Vocational School Feldbach.
Several years of experience as an office clerk at Perl and BT-Anlagenbau.
Part-time courses: Bookkeeping I, Bookkeeping II, Finacial Bookkeeping with IT, Bookkeeper accountant course with exam, IT-Basic Trainig at BIT (corresponds ECDL), SCC-Exam.
Since the institute was founded in 2010 assistant to the director at the Institute of Health Technology and Prevention Research, HUMAN RESEARCH Weiz.