The ChronoCord®

A high-precision heart rate variability recorder made by scientists for scientists.



Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a very interesting tool for future functional diagnosis. It contains information about the autonomic nervous system, about biological rhythms, sleep quality, biological age and organismic regulation. HRV usually is measured by ECG or Holter ECG devices, but none of them is optimized to trace HRV precisely. ECG recorders usually filter ECGs signals to remove disturbances from AC lines and high frequency artifacts, bad for HRV. It is the shape of the ECG signal rather than the timing, that is interesting to the cardiologist. Quite a different approach is necessary to record HRV: The temporal distance between R peaks of the ECH is the essential information for high quality HRV measurements.  
Have you ever asked youself, if your ECG recorder is suited for HRV measurements?  
We have done this for 23 years now. And we never found an ECG recorder on the market we were happy with: too few samples per second, a hum in the ECG recording, to little space for longtime recordings, too clumpsy, a poor AD converter, bad amplifier concepts, aliasing effects, lost data, the list could go on. Therefore we have decided 7 times in our history, to build our recorder ourselves – a recorder made for scientist by scientist:  


Innovation in the 7th Generation  

We are pleased to introduce our new heart rate variability recorder, now enhanced in it’s seventh generation. As ‘Heartman’ our measurement technology became well known, the new device we have called ChronoCord® to give an appropriate name to the high-precision, low noise device. Our first measurement system was developed for space-medicine. In the project Austro-Mir the Austrian cosmonauts and Russian space physicians used our sensor jacket as physiological measuring system. The Russians were so impressed, that during all later space missions including the longest space flight in history they used it as a health care system.  


The new “gold standard” of HRV measurements  

In numerous clinical and field studies experience was gained to miniaturize the system and to improve amplifier concepts, converters, algorithms and sample rate until we ended with what we think is the gold standard of highly accurate heart rate variability measurements. The device has specifications better than any other device known to us on the market.  


Capture Data Easily (HRV, Accelerometry, Ambient Light)  

The ChronoCord® is optimized with all its specifications for high-precision recording of heartbeat intervals (RR intervals). The measurement device is precise like the best stationary devices (8000 samples per sec, 16 Bit A/D converter), but still ideally suited for field studies. It allows 24-hour or 48-hour monitoring of cardiac rhythm (Holter monitoring) as well as short (e.g. 5min, adjustable) measurements. From the heart beat intervals the different parameters of heart rate variability can be calculated. The ChronoCord® is as small as a half pack of cigarettes and can be attached easily to your belt or clothing. Users of the ChronoCord® are not significantly affected in their everyday activities. Built in sensitive 3-axis accelerometers give you additional information about movements and activity. Light sensors record ambient light intensity and color. We are not aware of any other Holter that gives you this accuracy and versatility.  


Scalable Analysis Options  

Data can be scientifically evaluated by your own program, or automatically by our server. We currently offer the ChronoCardioGramm® (formerly AutoChronic Image®), a tabular analysis of the data, an autonomic sleep quality computation and the biological age of the heart from a comparison with thousands of data in our database. A circadian comparison of important parameters to age and sex matched data from more than 1000 healthy subjects is also included in our server based evaluation.  


Areas of Application  


    • Accurate Scientific Measurements
    • Research and Development 
    • Functional Diagnosis 
    • Stress Management 
    • Health and Lifestyle Coaching 
    • Sleep Quality Measurements 
    • Motivational Health Promotion 
    • Evaluation of Health Interventions’ Effectiveness 
    • Personal Health 
    • Family Counseling 
    • Evaluation of Treatment and Rehabilitation 
    • Sports Medicine 
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation 
    • Medical Wellness  


Specifications of Device  


    • Highly optimized analog ECG pre-amplification with crystal clear and high resolution ECG. 
    • Thin but highly durable ECG cable. 
    • ECG and HRV sampling at 8000Hz. 
    • 16-bit A/D converter for highly accurate measurement of the ECG. 
    • Recording of original ECG and heart rate variability in separate files. 
    • Up to 4 days measuring duration with one battery. 
    • Various software algorithms for optimal signal detection and high-precision R-wave detection. 
    • Integrated 3-axis acceleration tracking for additional actigraphy. 
    • Light sensor for recording of ambient light.  


Content of the ChronoCardioGramm®  


    • Autonomic Vitality 
    • Autonomic Sleep Quality 
    • Cardio-Autonomic Tone 
    • Cardiorespiratory Coordination 
    • Activity Protocol 
    • Autonomic Stress 
    • Dynamic of Sleep 
    • Biological Cardiac Age  


Facts about Heart Rate Variability  

The cardiovascular system supplies all organs of the human organism with oxygen and nutrients and connects them transporting neurotransmitters and immunological information via the bloodstream. The heartbeat itself is controlled by the autonomic nervous system – the system that coordinates all our body functions. It is our central regulatory and control system. Both circulatory and autonomic nervous system can be monitored with the help of heart rate variability.