Construction workers belong to the section of the population most strongly affected by work accidents and early retirements for health reasons are the rule. In the BauFit project a complex intervention and measuring program was developed for construction workers and carried out directly at work for the reduction in stress load and the numbers of accidents in the order of the AUVA (general accident insurance company). The interdisciplinary project team, which consisting of sports and art therapists, management consultants, work doctors, psychologists, electronics technicians, statisticians and physiologists had to carry out a program which reduces the accident frequency and stress load at construction work. Training of leadership, communication and movement as well as art therapeutical exercises (Eurythmy) were used as methods. In parallel, physiological and psychological accompanying research and evaluations were carried out. Broader project aims were the improvement on the interhuman communication and the work satisfaction, a reduction of the numbers of sick persons, a rise of the well-being at work, prevention of Burnout, a general reduction of emotional loads and a better motivation of the employees. During the project the numbers of accidents could be taken to zero and the numbers of sick persons lowered significantly. It represents the worldwide unique attempt to support and to accompany a complex intervention program by a scientific measuring. Minimized mesurement devices from space medicine as well as psychometric measuring instruments were used directly at a construction site. The intervention program worked out in the context of this project will be adapted in follow-up studies for further occupational groups.  



 Building worker performing art therapy (eurhythmy).  



Building workers participating in sport exercises.   



Fall in the numbers of sick persons during the first BAUfit project.