By the increasing mechanization the work environment has changed itself strongly in the forestry. Large physical strains give way to strong mental uses (stress). Thus a completely new approach becomes necessary to avoid health damages. In the course of this feasibility study the intervention program of the project BauFit was adapted, which consists of organization consultation, movement training, art therapy (Eurythmie) as well as physiological and psychological accompanying research. From these accompanying measurments information with regard to the load of this occupational group shall be extracted and also the feasibility of the study design shall be checked by teams which are mobile and distributed spatially. Furthermore among others the acceptance of the interventions, the execution of single-handed measurments as well as organizational aspects within this environment were collected. The feasibility study showed the difficulties with regard to the accessibility of the test subjects and the organization of common interventions. Furthermore the high demands which are made to this occupational group were also shown clearly. From this reason a large-scale study in the mechanized forestry is in preparation.




Cockpit of harvester.



Harvester at work.



Temporal correspondence of all activities of the participants.