The preservation of the fitness for work in medical professions is only possibly, if serious stress factors for the organism are reduced to a tolerable level. Results of empirical studies provides clear references to the necessity to an early rehabilitative and preventative support to prevent the threatening burnout or somatic influences with consequences like change of jobs or early retirement of the work process. Within the project PFLEGEfit, which is carried out within the context of the EU-program EQUAL-“AEIUO-Arbeitsfähigkeit Erhalten für Individuen, Unternehmen und Organisationen” in cooperation with the AUVA (general accident insurance company), innovative methods of “break design” and new strategies of chronobiology shall reduce the consequences of the workload in the medical area and rebuild exhausted relaxation potentials. Since the causes of overload are of complex nature, an integral approach which ranges from the area of sports medicine and art therapy, the management consulting to suitable forms of the development of the business is striven for. Project aim is the comprehensive strengthening of the social organism “Hospital”, the prevention of Burnout, the diminution of early disability and numbers of sick persons and the optimization of services and the work quality by an improvement on the quality of life, motivation and work satisfaction of the concerned employees. Accompanying to this a bio-psychosocial measuring inventory is used which lifts up relaxation deficits and potentials and makes them accessible physiologically by a load free measuring of the vegetative rhythmic.



Collective coaching.



Nursing stuff participating in sport exercises.



Exercises performed during work.