Since many old people live in individual households means and ways must be found to guarantee quick help in an emergency and to support them at their everyday activities. An alarm system which is based on an electronic equipment to be carried at the wrist with built-in new sensors is developed in cooperation with European partners and under coordination of the company Fortec (Vienna). ECG, pulse, temperature and body movements can be acquired. About a radio link an emergency number is called as soon as a critical situation is recognizable. To promote permanent wearing additional functions are installed such as a mobile telephone or a remote control. The operation is carried out via a simple and userfriendly interface which is tailored especially to the needs of handicapped or older people. The device will be usable at a variety of hindrances – among others also at loss of the short-term memory at poor eyesight or hardness of hearing. The alarm system combines the latest sensor technique with progressive analysis strategies to combine a supervision of critical body parameters with a reliable alarm activation in a device carried at the wrist. In an emergency biometric data are directly at the disposal of the service center and the rescue team.



First prototype of the SILC device.



Wearable test system for the SILC device.



SILC mobile pone: A possible application of the SILC device in the near future.