Stress at the school


Stress at school is not only a headword but for many pupils daily reality. Today, teachers and pupils are exposed to more difficult and complex situations than still a few years ago. In the study “stress at school” a completely new attempt at the examination of stress at school was chosen: Starting point was the question which consequences stress has on the chronobiology (that is biological rhythms like sleeping and being awake) of the pupils growing up. The physiological and psychological examinations were carried out at pupils of the high school III in Weiz which actively played a part in the project during several months. For the measuring of the “day rhythm” numerous day courses of heartrate and heartrate variability were recorded by the pupils. To be able to watch long term effects, the pupils made daily morning mesurements of these parameters when lying and standing. Stress were run through specific load measurements with a measuring system developed for the space medicine. Examinations of the day course yielded clear differences between groups of different age who are also accompanied by psychological changes: While the 10 to 11-year-old pupils still were showing relaxation oriented values in the vegetative balance, the performance emphatic attitude of the vegetativ nervous system increased considerably with the age and particularly during the puberty with all deteriorations connected with that in the emotional area. At single pupils the decrease of different rhythms caused by a non rhythmic way of life could be shown by application of an innovative method for the representation of body rhythms developed at our institute. Particularly computer games with which the pupils dealt during the night as well as television showed a negative influence on the rhythms of the organism. The clear results from this project led to a consequence project in which it will be examined how pupils can be supported in dealing with stress optimally.


Pupils discussing the usage of measurement devices.


Tilt tabel test.


Pupil completing a questionary.