Human Research

Doctor and Client at checkup

The latest research results verify that disruption of biological rhythms are linked to a definite increase in the risks of severe illnesses like cancer and heart attacks. The structure of human body-time and its relation to the biological rhythms will therefore play a fundamental role in future medicine. Intelligent methods of diagnosis are being developed at our institute, methods involving no stress and no invasiveness for the patient. They enable us to measure “health”, something not usual in contemporary medicine, which rather tries to differenciate between diseases. Not only a very early recognition of first indicators of illness, but also the testing of effects of health promoting interventions now becomes possible. These methods are based on chronobiology, measuring the body’s rhythms, which reflect the organism’s state of health. Furthermore, new interventions are being developed to reduce stress and promote health in the workplace. The aim of the research activities, in which science and medical practice are combined and where human beings are in the focal point, is the promotion of a future-oriented, patient-friendly and health-promoting medicine.




The Human Research Institute (HRI) arised from the Institute of Noninvasive Diagnosis (IND) of the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH. After more than eleven years of successful activity within a national and international environment in research and development the HRI was newly founded and established as an independent company.


IND goes HRI …